Boat Owners

Imagine never having to dry your boat again. With Spots Aweigh, spot-free hulls are a click away!

If you store your boat on lift, Spots Aweigh spot-free rinse eliminates the need for drying while leaving finishes spotless while preserving the life and appearance of your hull’s gelcoat. Using top-of-the-line Culligan® water treatment technology, you’ll never have to worry about water spots on your boat or vehicle again, saving you time and headaches.

• Culligan Reverse Osmosis Technology

• Easy to use, compact system fits conveniently on your dock

• Professional installation or Do It Yourself!

• Fully Warranted

• Local owned, operated and produced with 41 years experience at Lake of the Ozarks

• Private/Public Marina Options available

After all, you’re choosing to spend time at the Lake relaxing, not cleaning. Your local Culligan Man® is here to make that happen. Just say Hey Culligan Man!